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Submersible Fuel Pump Hose Kit

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Submersible Fuel Pump Hose Kit, 533 919 133
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Brand: Mk1 Originals
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Includes: (As seen in Image )
(2) Special Submersible Hoses For Transfer Fuel Pump / Fuel Gauge Sender with inner textile braid & inside+outside NBR Composition ( 533 919 133 x2 )

VERY IMPORTANT TO REPLACE IF ITS NEVER BEEN DONE IN YOUR VEHICLE, this hose is specially formulated to withstand submersion in commercial fuels for up to 10 years just like the one you have now, if you use standard hose to do this it will begin break down within a very short period of time and the hose will first collapse starving your fuel pump then deteriorate to a gummy mess.
(3)  Necessary German Stainless Steel smooth wall hose clamps for all hoses in kit

Mk1 Originals
introduces our new line up of direct replacement OEM Fuel Pump, Tank, Feed , Return and Accumulator hoses. If your car has sat idle in the past for long periods or your fuel tank and filler neck has become rusted this kit is an essential component to keep it from returning. Once the rust has taken hold in the fuel system it will begin to break down all components from the inside out and its only a matter of time before its back again clogging up vital components and eventually breaking down completely. Kit are also available and contain all hoses, lines and clamps for replacement of all your factory hoses which connect the fuel tank to fuel pump, accumulator and expansion tank with a few exceptions noted under each models specific kit.
All components are manufactured in Germany then assembled in the USA
We got together with the original Mfg. in Germany and purchased all the assembly tooling Zinc coated steel fittings, hoses, abrasion sleeves and collars all are OEM and meet or exceed DOT/TUV standards. All rubber hose have a minimum testing pressure of 30bar (450 psi) far exceeding your needs and come with a Mk1 Originals limited warranty.

All Stainless braided and Rubber Hose used in kits are inside textile braided and outside abrasion resistant.Through testing we decided to add an extra level of safety by adding the black braided Poly-amide sleeve as seen with the company logo in the image. Sleeves keep the hose itself from contact on any bare metal and aid in the routing of the hoses around the body for a clean installation.

FITS: 8V and 16V CIS Vehicles Below
VW Scirocco 1985-1989 (North American Market)
VW Scirocco 1985-1992 (European Market)
VW Cabriolet 1985-1989  (North American Market)
VW Cabriolet 1985 - 1992 (CIS ONLY)  (European Market)









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