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Timing Belt Tensioner Idler Pulley Tool

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Timing Belt Tensioner Idler Pulley Tool , UN 120 4500
Timing Belt Tensioner Idler Pulley Tool
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Brand: Schley
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(1) Timing belt tensioner / idler pulley tool

The very highest quality (MADE IN THE USA) cam bearing/timing belt tensioner/idler pulley tool.  Whatever your terminology, this tool is Amazing and Simple!!!

Fits all Water-cooled VW/Audi Engines to 1997: CIS, Jetronic, Digifant, EFI, OBD 1, OBD 2 - 1997 J, K, Motronic, Carbureted, Diesel, Turbo Diesel; all engines.

Take a look in the photo.  You will see 2 small pins on the end of the tool.  Now remember those 2 little holes in the cam bearing/tensioner?  The 2 pins lock into the cam bearing and rotate it around the off-center retaining bolt, increasing or decreasing tension on the belt.  Eureka!  So that's what those holes were for all along.  And all this time you thought you had a high-performance, light-weight ,cam bearing...  When I say this tool makes quick work of the job, it's an understatement!

After I used this once, I felt silly for wasting so much time in the past; struggling without it!  Imagine trying to hold pressure on the belt tensionser with your hands (or whatever else you can grab to hold the belt tension long enough) before it loses that critical appropriate twist tension.  Finally, after it slips a tooth a few times and you realign the pulley-marks, you tighten down the nut only to see it is still too loose or too tight...  So you start all over again.


74-93 Mk1 All Engines

84-93 Mk2 All Engines

Mk3 1994-1997 All Engines

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